About us

TCH The Cushion House is here to exhibit Indian Art, the precise and excellent work, done by the craftsman who are having expertise from generations to generation. The new form to cherish our culture and traditions. We the Indians proud on our workmanship, the art that can put lives in an object of décor.

This is the traditional wisdom to pursue hidden art depicted on cushion covers. That cushion covers around you.. “Says about your personality, your taste.”
Till now the cushion covers were restricted to a part of décor & comfort only. TCH is the pioneer in adding the third dimension to the conventional designing of cushion covers.


Our Vision

The work of ours is prime choice of the leading Interior designers round the globe. The satisfactory words from them, works as fuel for our creative energy. We have the people “like you” who love what we offer, we are not focusing towards the masses, the standards here are for those who have the assayer vision.

Our fabric-mavens choose the superior quality fabrics with delightful touch n tones. The handcrafted alluring work emphasizes the fine craftsmanship with unique ideas. The innovative ideas here doesn’t resemble anywhere, fills you with bliss.


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